Service Vision and Structure
WEB 3.0
Web 3.0 leverages Cube Chain technology to deliver reliable data and implements an economic ecosystem for decentralized applications or services. Transactions within applications or services can be made secure and transparent, and transaction records can be stored in a distributed ledger to prevent forgery or alteration.
Cube Chain's decentralized and encrypted features can keep the learning data of the AI model safe and intact. Configuration of ecosystem that rewards learning data providers is available. By combining Cube Chain and AI technology, various smart contracts can be easily implemented. Using ChatGPT, decentralized chat system can be implemented. And Cube Chain can provide protection to enable secure and reliable conversations.
Digital Sign
Connecting digital signatures with Cube Chain technology enables a combination of the safety of Cube Chain technology and ensuring the integrity of digital signatures to provide a high level of security. It creates a convenient and safe digital environment in place of various authentication systems through identity authentication, electronic documents, and electronic signatures.
Cube Chain technology ensures the uniqueness of NFTs, which is an important role in creating and trading NFTs, prevents counterfeiting or alteration by storing transaction records in a distributed ledger, and serves to prove ownership of NFTs.
Cube Chain technology allows you to own and trade various digital assets such as virtual currency, land, real estate, and items in the metaverse. Cube Chain technology can also be useful in areas such as identity authentication, payment processing, content distribution, and data security within the metaverse. You can safely and quickly process payments within the metaverse by using Cube Chain, and you can protect the copyright of content by using Cube Chain technology.


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