About us

  • Dongoh Kim

    Dongoh Kim

    CEO of Cube Chain Major in Computer Engineering and System Information Engineering. Over 20 years of domestic and overseas ICT solution and information system construction
  • Youngbum Hur

    Youngbum Hur

    CTO of Cube Chain Major in Computer Science. Cube Chain development. Developed telematics, LBS, Mobile Service Application, maintenance and operation of domestic and overseas telecommunication companies for more than 15 years
  • Sangyep Nam

    Sangyep Nam

    CIO of Cube Chain Ph D. in Computer System Engineering Embedded System, Blockchain Security, IT Business Platform Study. Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, Research and Development of Embedded System and RTOS in Motorola Semiconductor
  • Rohwook Myung

    Rohwook Myung

    CPO of Cube Chain Major in Economics. Hyundai Securities Marketing Team Product Development Manager ㆍ Client Asset Management Manager ㆍ Apgujeong Branch Manager, KB Investment & Securities Head of WM Business Division
  • Horyoung Yoon

    Horyoung Yoon

    DEVELOPMENT TEAM Major in Control and Instrumentation Engineering. Firmware, Hardware, and, Controller research and development experience over 17 years. Design and development of Cube Chain mining device
  • Sunghyun Park

    Sunghyun Park

    DEVELOPMENT TEAM Information and Communication Engineering Major. Game server design / build and development, SK Networks maintenance and development. Cube Chain system interworking API development and research
  • Jaehyun Kim

    Jaehyun Kim

    DEVELOPMENT TEAM Computer engineering major ICT Solutions and Information Security Systems, Forensic Implementation.Identifying and simulating security vulnerabilities in public and private companiesCube Chain Security Management.
  • Hokyung Joo

    Hokyung Joo

    DEVELOPMENT TEAM Computer Information Major. Programming experience Over 10 years. Website development and maintenance in Cube Chain
  • Eunji Ko

    Eunji Ko

    DEVELOPMENT TEAM Computer engineering majors, Experience in game, travel sites and various services website deployment. Development of Cube Chain website and maintenance.
  • ByeongOh Jeon

    ByeongOh Jeon

    DEVELOPMENT TEAM Majoring in computer software,Responsible for development Cube Chain andropd application, and maintenance of Cube Chain website.
  • Bora Kim

    Bora Kim

    DEVELOPMENT TEAM More than 200 website development, design, consulting and maintenance work experience. Cube Chain Logo and Website Design. Web planning and Contents Creation
  • Layla Jeong

    Layla Jeong

    MARKETING GROUP Chief Promoter IT Influencer. Blogger and SNS marketing for more 15 years. In charge of strategic marketing, and managing community and SNS accounts
  • Jared Kim

    Jared Kim

    MARKETING GROUP Communication Manager Bachelor's degree in English Language and Literature Work experience as program/project Coordinator in International Affairs and International Events Currently in charge of Cube Chain Domestic & Overseas Communication
  • Hyunsoo Kim

    Hyunsoo Kim

    MARKETING GROUP Desgin Director Industrial design major, marketing promotion design planning. UI/UX design, responsible for developing graphic identity.
  • Paul Yoo

    Paul Yoo

    GLOBAL GENERAL MANAGER Master degree on Pulic administration. CEO of EnM academic institute, Speciallist of Blockchain
  • Masafumi Sonada

    Masafumi Sonada

    REGIONAL MANAGER / JAPAN Blockchain consultant, Blockchain PROJECT Consulting Career, PROJECT PAI, Brahama OS, FUNKEY PAY, Japan Kominka Association. board chairman, REDM JAPAN CEO blockchain consulting, TOMIYO Corp CEO architecture,JINEN JAPAN GM furniture
  • Catheryn Ngoi

    Catheryn Ngoi

    REGIONAL MANAGER / MALAYSIA Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing. Years of working on Water Treatment Engineering, Modern Retail Marketing & Retail Sales, Region Business Development, and Property Management. COO of Cube Asia Pacific in Malaysia
  • Brandon Kim

    Brandon Kim

    REGIONAL MANAGER / USA Major in Economics. Juris Doctorate candidate. Business Development and Strategic Marketing.
  • Lawfirm HYEAN

    Lawfirm HYEAN

    Parther Lawfirm


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