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Crowdfunding is a donation activity for service and technology development. You can send as many cryptocurrency as you want. Cube chains distribute Cube Chain Tokens to participants based on the number of participants based on a certain percentage of crowdfunding.

The plan to use the cash collected from the Cube Chain crowdfunding is described in detail in the whitepaper posted on the website.

During the crowdfunding period, the total target amount for Cube Chain is 37,500 ETH, and 300,000,000 Cube Chain Token will be distributed in total.
Hard Cap: 37,500 ETH(300,000,000 Cube Chain Token) Soft Cap: 3,750 ETH (30,000,000 Cube Chain Token)

If the target is not met, we only distribute the Cube Chain Token for the amount of money raised. Remaining Cube Chain Token will be incinerated.

Crowdfunding does not guarantee return on investment. The value of the Cube Chain, like any other cryptocurrencies, is determined by market evaluation. We are not responsible for any gains or losses from the changes in the market.

Only ETH cryptocurrency is allowed for this crowdfunding.

You can participate in Cube Chain crowdfunding by remitting ETH to the Cube Chain website within a specific period of time. After signing up on the Cube Chain website, complete the wallet address certificate to receive KYC authentication and token. You will then be able to get an unique participating address. Participation can be completed by sending the ETH to the Ethereum addresses issued during the crowdfunding period, and in My Page, you can see the tokens that are involved.

In most cases, Ethereum is available from the cryptocurrency exchange.

The minimum amount of participation is 0.1 ETH (800 Cube Chain Token), and if smaller amounts are transferred, they are going to be returned to their original addresses.

8,000 Cube Chain Token will be distributed per 1 ETH.

If you send the ETH to the wrong address, it is irreversible. Please make sure to check the transaction address before sending it. We are not responsible for lost tokens.

There is no refund procedure unless the transaction exceeds the limit amount.

The average ETH transaction takes about 20 seconds to confirm. (In some cases, it takes longer.)

No. You can use the website by resetting the password after going through a certain process using the ‘Lost Password’ option in the account creation screen. Regardless of the homepage password, the Cube Chain Token will be kept safely in the pocket of the participant's cube chain, so don't worry about losing it.

The participation address is issued at the beginning of the Cube Chain crowdfunding in My Page. If you sign up for crowdfunding pre-scheduled, you'll be able to participate quickly right away.

Cube Chain Token is a cryptocurrency based on Cube Chain.

The Genesis block of Cube Chain will be officially created in September 2018. Detailed schedules can later be found from the roadmap on the website, the Cube Chain SNS channel, or telegram.

Crowdfunding participants will be given Cube Chain Token of ERC 20 Token, which is 1:1 exchange rate with the Cube Chain. In September, after the Genesis block is created, they will be exchangeable with Cube Chain, based on the Cube Chain. See the notice later for details.

Cube Chain is trying to list on the Exchange to promote active distributions. We'll let you know when the listing is finalized.

The procedure to create the Cube Chain wallet will be announced through email, SNS and telegram used to sign up. Therefore, please check the email account used to sign up before you engage in crowdfunding and please join Cube Chain Telegram.

As Cube Chain uses the POW and POS Hybrid system, anyone can mine the Cube Chain Token and receive rewards. Over the next 50 years, a total of 12 billion will be issued, and the percentage of POW and POS will vary over the next five years.

It is possible to extract it using POW, and if you have more than 5,000 Cube Chain Tokens, you will receive it on the basis of your activation performance.

Please refer to our Roadmap on the website.

It is a cube chain platform that includes the AI Service Manager and CubeChat. More information can be obtained from our website and white paper.

It can be used in all transactions within the whole cube ecosystem.

Cube Chain is responsible for marketing, public relations and crowdfunding with Cube Asia Pacific in Malaysia as overseas subsidiary, and contributes to the community in various ways.