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Download CUBEMINER integrative Mining Program

You can download program that allows Cube Chain Node Formation and POW Mining.
Cube Chain can be mined with CPU, GPU, or Q10(ASIC). Please use the one suitable for your OS and Type.
Stand Alone Version
Cube Chain's Stand-alone node configuration and POW Stand-alone mining is available.
Mining Pool Version
You can access CubeMining Pool and mine.
Release Type OS Arch Size Published Options
CPU/Q10 Window 10 64-bit 10MB 2020-02-18 (Win7)
CUBEMINER V2.5 CPU/Q10 Window 10 64-bit 10MB 2020-01-02 Zadig Driver (Win7)
CUBEMINER V2.0 CPU/Q10 Window 10 64-bit 10MB 2019-12-12 Zadig Driver (Win7)
CUBEMNER V1.5 CPU/Q10 Window 10 64-bit 10MB 2019-10-07 Zadig Driver (Win7)
CUBEMNER V1.0c09 CPU Window 10 64-bit 10MB 2019-08-06 -
CUBEMNER V1.0c08 CPU Window 10 64-bit 10MB 2019-07-24 -
CUBEMNER V1.0c07 CPU Window 10 64-bit 10MB 2019-07-23 -
CUBEMNER V1.0c04 CPU Window 10 64-bit 10MB 2019-07-15 -
CUBEMINER V1.0c01 CPU Window 10 64-bit 10MB 2019-07-08 -
CUBEMINER V1.0 CPU Window 10 64-bit 10MB 2019-07-01 -
* Cubeminer V1.0 supports CPU mining only.
* If you are using Windows version 7 or below, please install Zadig driver before running the CUBEMINER program using Q10.

Cube Chain Mining

Cube Chain Mining is the mining pool website to support mining Cube Chain.
After registering on Cube Chain Mining, you can mine QUB with your Miner ID and Worker ID by accessing CUBEMINER Mining Pool Version.


Q10 is a ASIC mining device in USB type.
With Q10's high Hash Power, you can mine more QUB than with other devices.

Cube Chain MainNet

Cube Chain Wallet is a website that provides Cube Chain wallet creation, transfer of QUB and tokens, and manage the balance of accounts.
Cube Scan, which is Cube Chain's explore site, provides status of ongoing transactions, blocks, and cubes easily.
Cube Chain Wallet
Cube Chain Explore

Cube Chain Developer Resources

Provides guides, resources, and tools for developers who are based on Cube Chain.
If this is your first time developing Cube Chain, please go through the guide at Cube Chain community.


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