In the e-commerce industry, transactions and data processing are essential functions for various services.
Cube Chain is a blockchain technology that can quickly and safely provide e-commerce services.
We propose five solutions that utilize the technical features of cubing technology: data indexing, statistical data processing,
special blocks, which contain an escrow function, multi-pattern block technology, and a double approval method using double-layer hash.
We will improve customer services and establish the cube chain economy, aiming to become the e-commerce platform coin of choice.

Cube Chain's Five Solutions for E-commerce

Login system for personal information protection and customer convenience : One ID
Product history management and online, offline affiliate establishment system : Cube Chain Product
Block-chained social network service : Cube Open Network
Marketplace Messenger that Enables Secure P2P Trade : CubeChat
AI-type agent replacing the company's existing call center : ASM


OneID is a login authentication platform built on the Cube Chain. The One ID generated by OneID allows access to all services in the Cube Chain service group (Cube Chain Product, CubeChat, ASM) with a single ID. In addition, we can support OneID login authentication for a variety of services based on Cube Chain in the future, processing your data quickly and safely. It also provides stability and reliability by establishing a real-time authentication system and linking biometric information such as fingerprints, iris, face recognition, and the circulatory system.

Creating OneID accounts, authentication, change, disabling, information inquiry
Seamless integration with Cube Chain service group’s server
Open API provides authentication service for other services
Provide authentication service using private information and hash ID value
Process of authentication hash value information and stable construction of authentication system through Indexing Block
Data validation and stability through Format Block
Build a real-time authentication system and enhance security with biometric information.

Cube Chain Product

Cube Chain Product provides a way to store and sell the product information and purchase history of products originally sold in the by a Cube Chain merchant. Provides information regarding the place of purchase and the place of sale in the Cube Chain to give you verified information about the product in the Cube Chain during subsequent transactions. Offer Cube Chain-based market places to help with transactions using Cube Chain(QUB). Safe transactions can be made through activation and payment guarantee by the associate, and P2P transactions and activation platforms will be established. We will enhance our services to become a transparent and secure resale market.

Secure and free-direct transaction with Escrow Block's proprietary functions
Items in the original certificate, transaction statement, and place of purchase can be verified.
Easy to pay with Cube Chain (QUB) and an electronic wallet
Both physical and coupon deals are available.
POS server for each merchant, product information through affiliate card link, and purchase detail registration on Cube Chain
Wire/Wireless network communication
Provides product trade reliability and security

Cube Open Network(CubeON)

Cube Chain Open Network is a social block chain service platform built on the Cube Chain. The voluntary contribution and consensus of nodes in the network rewards QUB, and users can use the services in the Cube Chain ecosystem with QUB. We address the centralized limitations of the traditional online industry and provide a special technical differentiators for P2P transactions. The creator and the participant present a new ecosystem platform to facilitate mutual trading on the same network. Anyone can become creator and participant at same time (Creator + Consumer = 'Cresumer') and create and share contents freely. Every Revenue that occurs in CubeOn will be returned to creators, participants, businesses and individuals.

Social Blockchain Service that block-chainifies uploaded content.
The goal of the equalization of content sharing without centralized curation
Free knowledge, sharing opinions, and searching
"Stake", "Work" enable mutually conducive token economy conduction
Practical rewards for content creation
Providing equal opportunity for existing block chain blogs through addressing shortcomings and pre-emptive effects
Creating an expert-driven community constructed around subjects


CubeChat is a marketplace platform where you can trade pure content without brokers. Use the wallet, coin, ledger and escrow functions of Cube Chain to ensure safe P2P transactions. Creators can use their live broadcasting or messenger functions to introduce their own content, promote them, and sell them directly. It is delivered safely and promptly using a delivery service certified by Cube Chain. Cube Chat is an innovative marketplace service that connects sellers and consumers directly without brokers, helping to promote and deal with online content as well as offline business.

Message function
Easy and quick sharing of content
Various P2P deals
New Concept Market Place
Safe payment through Cube Chain (QUB)
Delivery system in conjunction with carrier
Real-time, 365- days responses utilizing proprietary ASM

ASM (AI Service Manager)

ASM is an AI call center service platform for enterprises. It is a chat-BOT type service that combines AI, Big Data and Cube Chain technology to deliver the information in real time that customers need. It combines a large number of conversation data accumulated in Big Data and algorithms that analyze user's conversation patterns and rules with machine learning / deep learning technology to show customized answers to customers. Businesses can reduce the cost of building call centers and increase efficiency by using the ASM platform. It also combines escrow and wallet services with data forgery prevention features of Cube Chain, enabling real-time smart reservations. ASM is an enterprise smart agent that saves long latency and satisfies both business and customers with fast and accurate processing.

Q&A AI Response Services
Real-time scheduling, changing
24/7 Responses
Build Big Data for your own business
Improve answers by using Machine Learning
Reduce call center costs and streamline business
Reward Cube Chain service tokens to users

Cube Chain Economy

Cube-on allows you to create a variety of content. The creator's output is recognized as a canonical block in Blockchain through the 'Stake' and 'Work' contributions of the participants who judge the content, and the creator is rewarded with the token. 'Stake' and 'Work' contributed by the participants are accumulated in the creator's Welfare and are given permission to create a marketplace within CubeChat.

CubeOn's ASM (AI Service Manager) is a customized AI service that can analyze big data and respond to customers based on it. Companies participating in the CubeOn platform can build existing call center services on the platform. This AI type robot service in the form of a messenger can understand the questions of the customers themselves and analyze the big data accumulated in the enterprise to create the optimum response. Enterprise can reduce the cost of operating their existing call centers and reward some of their costs with tokens.

CubeChat is a messenger-type marketplace that supports on-line transactions between businesses and individuals & individuals and individuals. CubeChat can watch live-video in the background of the instant messenger window in live. Participants can use this function to introduce the products they want to trade with various ideas. It is an innovative system that enables real-time settlement between participants through wallet, ledger, coin (QUB) and escrow function of Cube Chain Blockchain service. ASM, and CubeChat all can be processed safely and quickly through Blockchain service, and all transactions are processed in the ledger, so that a new P2P transaction service becomes a contract.

Cube Chain is the 4th generation Blockchain platform that upgrades the speed of data access and update required for block generation and agreement certification, which is the biggest shortcoming of existing Blockchain services, with Cubing technology. It is a new concept of Blockchain technology that provides the system directly with escrow functions for search speed, dual verification, data statistics and payment guarantees. The CubeOn service platform built on the Cube Chain platform supports voluntary transactions of various P2P participants, so that both companies and individuals can benefit from new services as participants Blockchain. As a concrete business model, we will make it clear that you can change your life. Companies can offer artificial intelligence services that can range from their call center capabilities to smart contracts, and individuals will use marketplace messengers to transact goods and services directly beyond their existing messenger capabilities. It is CubeOn service model that aims for a cyclical ecosystem with a new paradigm where traditional industrial fields apply Blockchain, AI, and Big Data.


Peer-to-peer social networking between individuals

Unlike the existing SNS, CubeOn is aiming to make profitable for the creator who created good content. Any member can recommend it by clicking the 'Stake' and 'Work' buttons, and if the content is 'Stake' and 'Work', the token will be paid to the creator and the participant when the individual's welfare increases. The creator enjoys creating their own content, shares the ideas with the participants, and gets the benefits of getting a token reward.

CubeOn's Compensation System operates on a Cube Chain basis, and posts made by members are also recorded in Cube Chain, so that published content can not be modified or deleted. CubeOn will link SNS service with Blockchain so that both individual and company will be recognized as one node and will create a new paradigm to secure reliability through Cube Chain and to conduct various transactions.

Data Collection and Protection Based on Blockchain

When dealing with big data, there are difficulties in collecting transactions, logs, and mobile devices, but the CubeOn Big data layer makes it easy to perform steps so that developers can collect various data at any speed. In addition, a secure, scalable, and robust repository is used and, depending on your specific requirements, you may need a temporary store for your transport data.

The Big Data, Social Data and Enterprise Data, are transformed into a form that can be used in raw state to perform sorting, aggregation and joining, and perform advanced functions and algorithms. The resulting data set is then stored for further processing or provided for use through business intelligence and data visualization tools. Users of the cube-on service can use the results data in the form of statistical "predictions" for predictive analytics, or in the form of recommended actions for normative analytics, depending on the type of analysis.

Grant Legitimate Rights To Personal Content (Works)

To create and operate a smart contract on a Cube Chain, use Cube Chain (QUB) as the crypto currency. Cube Chain (QUB) is provided in return for the efforts of the participants (company, individual) who verify the abnormality of the transaction. When a contract is executed, the content can be automatically delivered to other users if the stated transaction conditions are met.

You can purchase and enjoy Webtoons with Cube Chain (QUB) through contracts that can guarantee digital copyright such as music, video, and web toon with Cube Chain. Cube Chain used at the time is automatically delivered to the corresponding webtooon artist through a contract according to predetermined rules. Transactions can not be intervened by individuals or organizations, such as copyright holders or corporate companies, and all of these transactions are automatically and transparently executed by the rules to ensure that no fraudulent transactions occur.

Service Structure

Changing transaction methods such as shopping, payment method, multiple information, user profile, database, transaction methods throughout the industry.
It changes the ecosystem of knowledge and rights and the methods of content and transaction management through service API and ledger technologies, POW and POS agreements, and Cube Chain technologies.
It is a social Block Chain service that can conduct contracts safely.
Block Chain-based Cube Chain aims to link random servers to one server and form one continuous computer cloud to act as a single computer.
After the contracts are completed on ASM or Cube Chat, CubeOne provides a Cube Chain (QUB) to participants.
All of these things are conducted and authenticated following service rules.

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